Glasses and Contacts from Lensway

I’m not fortunate enough to have good eyesight, but I am fortunate enough to realise it’s not the end of the world. I’ve worn glasses since I was 15 and I’ve been using contacts since I was at Uni, so they’ve become a fundemental part of my day-to-day life. If you’re gonna put a bit of plastic on your face you may as well make it a stylish piece of plastic, so the glasses on offer from Lensway are perfect. Bold, bright, chucky, funky, these glasses bring geekdom to the forefront while making a striking statement. I love these glasses, even more because you can grab them for as little as £89 (or free if you order contact lenses over £99.) Lensway also offer some of the leading brands of contacts, delivered straight to your door, including Acuvue, Focus Dailies and Splash. If you want to buy in bulk there are some great savings to be had, so make sure you check out what’s on offer when you’re in need of a top-up.

Check out the glasses from Lensway or even grab yourself some contact lenses too.
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