Galaxy Essential Upgrades #7: Accessorising Your Hair

Adorning your wrists with bangles, decorating your fingers with rings and piling jewels around your neck is the simplest and easiest way to update an outfit. But what if you’re outfit is full of texture, colour, patterns or layering and adding an extra bangle is just a tad too much? When I was little I was obsessed with hair accessories and had a different scrunchie, hairband or flowery grip for every day of the week, but as the years have passed my love for the hair jewels has faded. This season, however, the love is being re-invigorated as hair bobs are a really simple and effective way to upgrade your look in a slightly different way. We can all pop on a hairband or tie our barnet back in a pony, but these innovative and slightly different accessories really help to re-style your look with very little effort required.

Plaits are perfect for the Autumn-Winter season, as they keep hair from flying away or frizzing in the drizzle, so add a touch of glamour by adding this Cross Hair Barrette to the top of the hair. If you want to keep it simple and classic, why not go for a really glamorous and vintage-inspired clip to keep hair off the face, or make your up-do all Downton Abbey with something like this Johnnie Loves Rosie beaded garland. If you’re feeling really adventurous (or just going to a fancy dress party after work) then this pearl cat headband is a must… I literally adore it so much I’d happily go to work dressed as a cat every day. To keep it simple but punk up the pony trend, why not add this cute spiked hair tie rather than using a manky old scrunchie from 1994? My favourite of the lot though is this really unusual hanging pearl hair slide, that slips under a bun or ponytail and creates an added bit of glamour to your look, day or night. These are all really simple and inexpensive additions that will make you not only feel a million dollars, but make you look super on-trend and stand out from the rows of girls at the bar with loose Cheryl-Cole-curls. Which hair accessories do you use to upgrade your look?

This post is part of my Galaxy Essential Upgrades campaign. Read all about
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  1. Rachel Davis
    October 12, 2012 / 6:50 pm

    i love that spiked hair tie! :)

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