Dove Crème Mousse Body Wash

Shower gel isn’t the most exciting part of a beauty routine, but it is an essential one. I have to admit I don’t pay that much attention to the shower gel I use, preferring to go for something that smells good over any other real skin benefit. However, Dove have just launched their new look Crème Mousse Body Wash which brings a little more luxury to a basic daily routine. If you’re frustrated by runny gels that end up on the shower floor rather than your limbs, then this fabulous non-drip formula could be the answer you’re looking for. The Dove Crème Mousse Body Wash has a superior formulation, creating a thick swirl in the palm of your hand and a meaty blob to drop into your loofah. The cream creates a really rich and delicate lather which brings added moisture to skin.

Both variants contain NutriumMoisture technology, which addresses
protein and lipid damage to the skin caused by regular shower gels,
leaving skin nourished deep down and feeling softer and smoother for
longer. I’ve been using these body washes for around a week and really like the
rich and nourishing formula they provide. I haven’t noticed an
overwhelming difference in my skin, but my limbs do feel less dry and
don’t need so much moisturiser before bed. The classic Dove scent is a pleasant addition to my morning shower and the formula is enjoyable to use. The bonus is that you don’t need to use as much either, as you’re actually getting the mousse on your body rather than dropping half of it straight down the plughole!

The two variants are:
–    Dove Deeply Nourishing Crème Mousse Body Wash, RRP £3.71 200ml
–    Dove Brightening Crème Mousse Body Wash, RRP £3.71 for 200ml


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