LFW SS 2013: Spijkers & Spijkers

This year the film adaptation of The Great Gatsby finally hits our screens, Downton Abbey enters a new century and flapper dresses are due to explode over the high street. The 1920’s are well and truly on-trend. The hair experts at Toni & Guy worked with fashion house Spijkers and Spijkers to create a classic look with a modern twist for their London Fashion Week show, based on 20’s flapper girls. Delicate waves were created using deep barrel wavers and pinned up, while a subtle length of rope was placed around the forehead. The attainable style perfectly compliments the graphics inspired by the period, while not being too fixed or harsh against the skin. Makeup was also kept simple, with a simple flash of blue liner left to do the talking – sometimes less is definitely more when the clothes are this bold. If you want to recreate the look at home, just follow these simple instructions: “Wet hair with a volume mousse and add sea salt spray to the top layer of hair around the hairline. Flash dry hair with a hairdryer and use Deep Barrel Wavers on the surface layer of the hair, spray over with a dry shampoo then brush out. Place hair in a rope-tail at the back of the head and secure.” Now you just need some dancing shoes.

Hair styled by the talented bods at Toni & Guy


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