Galaxy Essential Upgrades #6: Fragrance Layering

Fragrance is as personal to each individual as their choice of knickers. Sometimes it feels like a comfy day, whereas other times you feel a bit more frilly. I change my scent on a daily basis, picking something that matches my mood, my outfit and the occasion I’m preparing for. My collection consists of around 50 different scents, but sometimes there’s not quite the fragrance on offer that I’m after. I was introduced to ‘fragrance layering’ by Jo Malone; it’s their unique concept that helps to build signature scents using various fragrances all at once. This simple idea is the perfect way to upgrade your fragrance from a standard scent, to something that’s a little more unique to you. By bringing out your favourite notes it’s a fun and easy way to experiment with scents, enabling you to find a combination that otherwise would’ve remained undiscovered.

The concept is simple. Start with a base scent, be it your favourite day perfume, something you’ve not worn in a while or maybe even a signature scent that sums up your personality. Using a few little pieces of paper or card, spritz a small amount on to each and start to layer various scents on top. If you’re using a rich floral then why not add a touch of citrus zing? If it’s a musky fragrance why not try a hint of wood or spice? If you fancy perking up a subtle vanilla, why not add a splash of grapefruit? The possibilities really are endless and the whole experience really opens your mind to what unexpected combinations really rock your world. This is a lot easier to do with simple fragrances (I wouldn’t try it with a Britney perfume for example!) which only have a few key notes, which is why Jo Malone is perfect for the concept. You can execute this with any fragrance combination though, from your Calvin Klein to your Miller Harris, with a touch of Molton Brown on the side.

Scent evokes very vivid memories and emotions, but often familiarity with a scent isn’t necessarily a good thing. If you really want to create something that’s unique to you then layering fragrances gives you that opportunity without having to invest a mountain of cash with a bespoke perfumier. If you’re a little bored of your fragrance collection or you just don’t know what scent to buy next, this is a great way of experimenting and finding out what you really like to wear. I usually hate floral scents, but I’ve found a great love for certain florals by using this concept – by layering with citrus notes or topping up with a woody spritz, you can really create something new and fresh. A perfect way to upgrade your staple fragrance while having a bit of fun too!

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  1. Hafsa
    September 11, 2012 / 11:59 am

    I love layering my fragrances and I'm someone who tends to wear deep fragrances with oud and bakhour but sometimes they can be a little too deep for my liking so I might layer it with Dior's Dolce Vita or a vanilla body spray to sweeten things up.

  2. Lauren
    September 12, 2012 / 5:23 pm

    Love the little bottles, I might be trying these!Lauren,Laurensbeautydepartment.blogspot.comxx

  3. Stephanie
    September 13, 2012 / 1:31 pm

    Why has this never occured to me before? Such a great idea! I love these Galaxy posts! 🙂 xx

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