Rekorderlig Swedish School

There’s nothing I like better than sitting in the sun and enjoying an ice cold bottle of cider. If you follow me on Instagram (LBQloves if you don’t already!) then you’ll see a lot of pictures of one brand in particular popping up – Swedish cider Rekorderlig. It’s uber tasty, easy to drink, comes in a load of really delicious flavour varieties and embodies the Swedish cool culture I totally lust after. My Swedish friends think it’s hilarious that I drink this until it comes out of my ears, when they drink British beer in the hope of picking up our traits! Rekorderlig have just launched a brilliant campaign which involves Olof, a visionary who’s set up a ‘Swedish School’ to bring the relaxed Scandanavian attitude to the UK. Have a watch and you never know… You could end up being a little bit Swedish!

Check out the Rekorderlig Facebook page for more detail on the campaign here.


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