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The quest for the perfect self tan continues. I’m just not happy in my own colour skin when I have to display it en masse – it’s fine when covered with a jumper or pair of tights, but when those limbs come out they better have a hint of colour to them. LDN: Skins is the latest designer tan brand to hit our stores, offering a range of versatile colour and application options. They say: “Influenced by the latest fashion and lifestyle trends, LDN:SKINS is the quintessential sunless tan of the moment. Featuring patented breakthroughs by our London based labs in organic self-tan ingredients – most noticeably odourless DHA and Erythulose deliver unique designer tans.” Available in liquid, lotion or mousse formula, I’ve been trying the Tone 2 Medium Mousse which comes in a cute lightweight bottle and even has its own mitt included.

The formula is really light and airy, pumping out from the bottle onto the mitt easily. You need only a few pumps for each limb, the mousse practically melting into skin and going a long way to create a hint of colour without the need for hard movements. I can never be bothered to faff around with applying tan in a precise manner, prefering to simply wack it on and get in my PJs – this allows you to do just that without worrying that the tan will go blotchy or streak. It drys really quickly, leaving skin feeling soft and hydrated with just a hint of colour that develops over a few hours. The best thing is that you can apply to skin in the morning, get dressed and go out for the day without smelling or looking like you’re covered in tan; it’s very subtle but equally you can wash it off after an hour and still have a subtle golden glow.

The tan lasts for quite some time too, leaving you with a lovely colour for at least 3 or 4 days. For a continual colour you’ll need to apply around twice a week, topping up where necessary. If you’re fearful of tans then this would be perfect – there’s no orange in sight, no awful tide marks or blotches around feet or hands and no strong biscuit smell which puts a lot of people off. Melting into the skin, this is one of the easiest products I’ve used and the colour result subtle. The bottle provides a lot of product too, giving roughly 8-10 full body applications, making this a reasonable investment over the course of a few months. My skin feels really smooth after using this too, rather than the drying result tans usually give, so I can never wait to have another cheeky top up.

The mousse is available in a 150ml bottle for £20.50 here.


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  1. Lauren
    August 18, 2012 / 3:00 pm

    Looks really expensive and luxourious!Lauren,Fashionswirls.blogspot.com

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