Jo Malone London: Blackberry Bay

Over the last few months I’ve literally fallen in love with Jo Malone, especially the unique fragrance layering that they teach and preach. I’ve become more daring with my use of fragrance, preferring to use ‘purer’ scents like this than the complex layers of some of the high street brands. Jo Malone London is adding to their already bursting fragrance portfolio with ‘Blackberry & Bay’, a traditionally fruity and rich fragrance inspired by ‘childhood memories of blackberry picking… stained lips, sticky palms.’ I for one spent many weekends during my childhood down in the woods by my grandparents’ house, picking wild blackberries and getting covered in the bright purple juice, so I can completely understand the concept behind the scent. The fragrance contains notes such as grapefruit, blackcurrant bud, galbanum, lily of the valley, jasmine, vetiver and cedarwood – a delicious combination of rich fruits, delicate flowers and childhood memories.

The scent is definitely my new favourite (yes, I know I say that every time!) because it’s just so unique, yet wearable at the same time. It seems to match with every mood, every occasion, every outfit and every change in weather. I don’t know if it’s because of the memories that it evokes, but this has definitely been worn nearly every day since I received it a week or so ago. What I love about this scent too is its purity – it doesn’t smell too complex so you can afford to layer on different Jo Malone London scents to bring out the notes that really appeal. This is a brilliant Autumn scent, but equally works well in the confusing weather situations we’re having at the moment. I have no doubt this will be a cult scent for years to come.

The Blackberry & Bay scent will launch in September, priced £38 for the bottle pictured.


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  1. sharnek
    August 22, 2012 / 8:18 am

    I had a sniff of this in store last week and intend to buy it when its released. Such a lovely fragrance and the bay takes the sweetness from the fruity blackberry.

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