Guest Post: Homemade Banana Facemask

I go through phases when it comes to face masks – I either use them religiously every week or not at all. It’s a love-hate relationship. I’ve tried the budget beauty-enhancers that have yielded amazing results with regular use right through to the spa only complexion soothers that have made my skin erupt into a miniature homage of the Himalayas. But a homemade face mask? That’s never once entered onto my radar. This is my first DIY facemask so naturally I was dubious about the results. I Googled ‘natural homemade face masks’ and literally hundreds upon thousands of pages appeared – all dedicated to the art form of making mush for my mug. I settled upon a simple recipe for ‘adding radiance’ to my skin that was proving to be quite popular on the websites I visited. It only contained three ingredients so I didn’t think I go very wrong. 

2x Bananas
5x powdered almonds
1x 50g yoghurt

So off I went to the market for a couple of pieces of fruit and some ground up nuts. As the recipe never specified the type of yoghurt I had to use I chose to keep with the banana theme and take the neglected Muller Crunch Corner yoghurt that was languishing unwanted in the fridge and put it to some use. I mixed all of the ingredients together by mashing them up before I splashed warm water on my face, slathered this mess onto my skin and waited the suggested time of 5 – 7 minutes. Whilst relaxing (read: hoping no one would knock on the door) I thought about the ingredients and what beauty benefits I may gain from them individually.  Bananas are thought to have anti-aging properties and have – on more than one occasion – been cited as an acne preventative, almonds obviously exfoliate whilst allegedly eliminating toxins from the skin and yoghurt moisturises, soothes and apparently lightly bleaches any discolouration (I looked that one up – I admit it). 

Application was extremely messy so I highly recommend doing this on an easy-to-wipe floor as I dripped almost everywhere over my carpet and sofa. The texture isn’t for everyone – I don’t particularly like lumpy when it comes to products for the face (who does?) but this was bearable for such a short amount of time as the smell was so delicious. It felt cool on my skin and I didn’t feel any discomfort from tightening or tingling like I have from some of the masks available on the market. The mixture dried by the end of the allotted time of use so I washed everything off and patted my face dry.  To be honest I didn’t see that much of a difference but my skin did feel softer and smoother. I also smelt awesome – always a bonus. Although I’m not sure if I would try this recipe again, as I didn’t really get much of the ‘radiance’ this recipe was boasting, I am tempted to try other homemade face masks in future. There were some pretty interesting recipes out there and even if they don’t work properly there is always a silver lining to every situation – the mix tastes good and makes for a healthy snack.

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  1. Anonymous
    August 24, 2012 / 10:51 am

    Ha ha on the banana Muller yoghurt! But it may have been more effective on the skin using natural yoghurt with live culture? I don't doubt it must have smelt nice though!!

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