Getting summer ready with Boots

The last few months have been a bit up and down, sunny one day and raining the next, but that’s no excuse for not being prepared for a little bit of hot weather when it crops up. Boots have got an ace range of products to help you prepare for when the sun does come out (believe it or not I got sunburnt this week!) so here are my top six steps for making sure you’re in tip-top condition, whether you’re chilling in the park or preparing to escape our shores for somewhere hotter.

Step 1: The all important moisturiser. Having soft, smooth and
hydrated skin is the first step in any routine. Without a great canvas,
everything else is just trying to put lipstick on a pig. (Not that I’m
calling anyone a pig… You know that expression right?!) You should be
moisturising morning and night to replenish skin and ensure it’s well
nourished when it finally gets to see the sun.

Step 2: Add a touch of bronzer to pale and pasty limbs. This
temporary bronzer from Soltan is wash-on/wash-off so it’s perfect for
creating a bronzed goddess illusion before you get your tan on. You can
apply with a mitt in a few seconds, the product giving you just a hint
of colour without the sticky feeling or time taken for a tan to develop.
You can even add this to your moisturiser (try 50/50 of each) for a
subtle look if you’re a tanning novice.

Step 3: Get tropical with your nails. The best bit about sunny
weather is the fact you can be a bit more adventurous with your nail
colour. Try a bright pink, bold blue or even a coral; make sure you go for something long-lasting and chip resistant too so your polish lasts as long as your enthusiasm! There’s nothing worse than getting out of the pool with chipped nails.

Step 4: Don’t forget to add a touch of bronzer. Use a delicate hue of bronzer like this from 17 Cosmetics to add a flush of colour to cheeks and around the face where the sun would naturally hit. Don’t go for a shade that’s too dark or it’ll look completely unnatural and contrasting to your natural skintone. Use a large brush to buff into skin for a radiant glow with no sun required.

Step 5: Just add sunscreen. It’s so very important to make sure you remember to bung on some suntan lotion to protect against sun damage – in this country we often forget (I’m always the one that ends up with sunburn after 15mins) that the sun is powerful and can burn us pretty quickly. This Soltan cream also helps to promote the skin’s natural tanning process so you’ll end up looking bronzed and beautiful.

Step 6: Repel the beasts. I hate getting bitten, yet I’m always the one that attracts the gnats no matter where I go. Before you run out the door for that picnic make sure you give yourself a spritz of insect repellent and you’ll be as tasty as a vodka cocktail to those pesky winged things. It may seem a step too far for the UK, but trust me… You’ll regret it if you don’t!

So those are my top tips for getting ready for some hot weather. Here’s hoping we’ll have an Indian Summer and we can put them to good use. What are your top tips for looking summer ready?



  1. Lauren
    August 27, 2012 / 8:15 pm

    Love the colour of the nail polishesLauren,

  2. Christie Smith
    August 29, 2012 / 12:22 pm

    Cool post! I love the No 7 polishes espec the base and top coat:) <Beauty Giveaway this week!

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