Caudalie pop up spa

Harrods is currently playing host to a pop-up spa by French skincare brand Caudalie. Located in their Urban Retreat on the 5th floor, away from the hustle and bustle of the main salon floor, Caudalie have a little room of tranquil. They’ve recreated their original French spa in the heart of London, bringing with them five signature treatments that make full use of the secrets of the vineyards they’re known so well for. You can choose from three facials or two body treatments, each designed to target a problem area or bring radiance to the skin and body. I went for the Pulpe Vitaminee Anti-Ox Facial, which is an energising and anti-oxidant treatment perfect for when you need a boost.

The treatment rooms are extremely relaxing. As you lie in a warm bed and have your makeup softly removed in preparation of the treatment, you’ll probably start to drift off. The process starts with cleansing, before a soft massage and exfoliation. A home made mask is then applied, giving the therapist a chance to give you a hand and arm massage while it works its magic. “A real burst of vitamins and energy, this treatment awakens even the
most tired skin. An entirely manual treatment, that moisturises,
regenerates and awakens the cells of the epidermis through a lengthy
massage with a Regenerating Concentrate and an application of a homemade
My skin was singing HALLELUJAH! It’s worth forking out the £95 just for an hour of piece, but this really did leave my skin feeling plumped, energised, radiant and soft as a baby’s bum.

I’m a huge fan of the Caudalie products (you can see all the ones I’ve previously blogged about here) so this was probably one of the best facials I’ve ever had. Although I didn’t feel like my skin had been through an intensive treatment, the subtler results were exactly what I needed. Relaxed skin, relaxed body, relaxed mind… Perfect.

The pop up spa is at Harrods until 23rd July. Find out more here.


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