KeraStraight Mask

My hair is in a right old state at the moment. After growing it, dying it, straightening it every day and generally treating it like it’s a pile of old hay, it’s looking pretty ropey. I’ve always preached the importance of looking after your barnet, but recently I’ve not been practicing my own sermon. I heard about KeraStraight a little while ago, understanding that it was a semi-permanent straightening solution for those with extremely curly or unruly barnets – little did I know that they also did a Protein Mask to help those of us that generally just need a bit of sprucing up. I popped down to the Lisa Shepherd salon in central London last week to have a much needed treatment and to find out what KeraStraight is all about.

The mask contains protein particles to help rebuild the hair’s inner strength, leaving you with shiny and healthier locks instantly. The mask is applied to wet hair and then dried in using a hairdryer to activate the ingredients. After your hair is dry they then wash the mask out to leave your hair squeaky clean, drying you off again and giving you a super smooth look. My hair was so soft to the touch is felt like my hair had all been cut off – hair is left so super light it feels like a miracle, especially as the whole process took less than 30mins. Working for up to 48hrs after it’s first applied, the mask is a really quick and simple way to inject some much needed health into damaged and abused hair. Ever since my hair has looked and felt a lot healthier, giving me a good basis from which to start sorting it out. The results of this last for up to 30 days and it’s recommended you have 2-3 a year, something I’m definitely going to keep up from now on!

Available in the Lisa Shepherd salon, as well as selected salons nationwide.
Treatment roughly around £25.00

PS – excuse the quality of the pictures; that’s the dreaded cameraphone in action!


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