Going Gaga

This weekend it was one of my best friends birthdays over on the Isle of Wight. Not realising when we arranged the party that the yearly festival was happening on a teeny tiny island, I had a few issues actually getting there! When I finally did I donned a blonde wig, put on my Pokerface dress, drew a lightening bolt on my eye and channeled my inner diva… Check out LBQ going Gaga. Considering the Lady doesn’t often wear clothes, it was actually quite a hard feat to pull off. However, wearing a blue dress (you don’t want to see me donning a leotard) and a blonde wig complete with bow, all I needed was a pair of leather gloves, some killer heels, bright pink lips, huge eyelashes and some face art. I can safely say I didn’t look like this about 2hrs into the evening, nor did the makeup stay put after walking halfway home in the rain. All in the name of fancy dress though!



  1. Hola Bambi
    June 26, 2012 / 7:15 pm

    You both look wicked x

  2. lalalucy1000
    June 26, 2012 / 10:13 pm

    Oh wow you both look so fab!! I dressed as Lady Gaga for Halloween once and loved every second x x

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