Rodial’s Brazilian Tan

In my mind faking it is more than acceptable – in the tanning sense at least. I’m pasty pale and with legs and arms being exposed in this warmer weather, I’ve been in need of a little helping hand. So many ladies have been rocking the pale look this last week, unprepared for the sudden burst of sunshine; the maxi dresses have been out in full force to cover up hairy and blotchy legs! I took the easy way out with a little top-up from Rodial’s Brazillian Tan and have been on the receiving end of many tan-related complements. Acting like a more intense tinted moisturiser, this tan gives you a great colour in minutes thanks to its tint, while developing in a few hours to an even and rich tan. The formula is light, easy to apply and dries within a few minutes so you don’t have to stand there looking like a wally in a yoga position for fear of smudging.

I’ve been applying this before bed, taking about five minutes to wack some on my arms, legs and torso using a tanning mitt. The tan doesn’t develop patchy, even when you don’t pay attention, so it’s not necessary to spend hours perfecting your application technique. Because it dries quite quickly it doesn’t feel sticky or uncomfortable to sleep in, nor do you wake up looking patchy. Although I’m naturally very pale, the ‘dark’ version of this tan isn’t too dark at all, just giving me a rich and even bronzed colour that lasts up to five days. One of the main selling points is its lovely smell – not biscuity at all, but fresh gardenia that’s light and airy. This is one of the most hassle free tans I’ve used, and although it’s £35 for a 150ml tube, I’ve gotten at least ten applications out of it. I’ll definitely be investing in more of this, even though I have about 10 others currently waiting to be used. Do you fake tan? What’s your favourite brand to use?

Available now online or through department stores priced £35 for a 150ml bottle



  1. Amy
    May 29, 2012 / 9:03 pm

    This seems so easy, which is definitely good for a tanaphobe like me!

  2. Stephanie
    May 31, 2012 / 4:46 pm

    I'm so scared to embrace fake tan! Eek! xxxx

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