Chanel do face art

Those posh types over at Chanel HQ do like to shake things up a bit. Not content with creating luxurious and elegant Parisian looks, their latest collection showcased what looked like a cross between the Girls Aloud ‘Don’t Speak French’ video and Lady Gaga. Short coloured wigs, big pink eyeshadow and a beauty spot created from the classic logo, this look is definitely original. I’m not sure I can see this kicking off within the mainstream next season (all the makeup is either available now or from the new collections,) especially as pink eyeshadow doesn’t really suit anyone at all. It makes you look like you’re either tired, have been crying or need to seriously lay off the vino. I do like the idea of having a Chanel beauty spot though – I wonder how much that privilege will be. Excuse me while I sell a kidney to pay for one…


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  1. Play Online Bingo
    May 20, 2012 / 9:12 am

    and there you go! this is why Chanel is number one! High end fashion is more understood when mixed with this kind of creativity. I love how the photos mixed such dainty and spring inspired colors, too. Hmmmm,. I'd love to walk in to a Chanel store right now and add some more to my collection. A blue poncho, maybe

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