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I’ve been wanting to write a post about Scholl for some time now, but when is the right time to start talking about the unglamorous world of foot maintenance? Although right now we’re all tucking our tootsies back into our socks and boots, there will be a time when we will need sandals, flipflops and glads again so we’re best off being prepared. Scholl have a huge range of foot products, from your everyday must-haves to more specialist foot care (I’m talking fungus relief, cracked heels and bunions… Lovely.) We have a tendency to reject our feet all winter long, so as soon as we get a bit of sun we’re embarrassed to get our feet out again without a trip to the salon. Fear not, because with the help of Scholl you can be footloose and fancy free in no time. Here are my tips for getting your feet looking ace for summer…

1. Use a foot file
It’s so easy to leave feet to get manky, hard skin building up on the heels and on key areas where your shoes rub or hurt. By using a foot file or pummace stone for a few minutes a week you can make your skin smooth again, while helping to prevent worse conditions like cracked heels. This one from Scholl is fabulous – not only is it ergonomically shaped so it fits the curve of your foot perfectly, but it has an extendable section so you can get to those ‘hard to reach’ areas. You should file your feet when they’re dry (not wet as this won’t give you a smooth finish, but break the skin and do more harm) and be careful not to take too much off. Having not enough hard skin is almost as bad as too much.

2. Moisturise daily
Your feet need as much moisturiser as your face (well maybe not quite that much) so ensure you’re applying some before bed practically every night. The skin will absorb more if you wear socks too, so pop them on top after you’ve smothered your feet in the good stuff. If you suffer from really bad hard skin, flaky or cracked heels there are also loads of great products available to help overcome the problem in as little as 7 days. I always notice a massive difference when I’ve regularly applied moisturiser to my feet, so make it as much of your routine as cleansing your face.

3. Target problem areas
Don’t be embarrassed if you’re suffering from bunions, verrucas or athletes foot. There are so many minor inflictions that people suffer from in silence, not plucking up the courage to ask or do something about it. The longer you leave it the worse it gets, so pop down to your local pharmacy and pick up some remedies to help. Scholl offer everything from a fungal nail treatment, to athletes foot remedies and corn removal systems, so you can act fast when you notice something isn’t quite right.

4. Remove polish regularly 
Ever noticed your nails going yellow? It’s because you leave that red polish on until it’s practically classified as a relic. You should regularly remove polish and replace with another, giving your nails time to breathe in between. Always use a base coat to ensure the surface of the nail is protected from discolouration, pushing back cuticles and applying cuticle oil where necessary. Ensure you’re also trimming nails regularly so they don’t have a chance to break, cutting them across (rather than into a curved shape) to prevent any ingrown toenails. This will help to make a big difference to your tootsies and give you the confidence to get them out.

Hopefully these little tips will give you healthy, happy feet. What are your top tips for giving your feet an injection of glamour and care?

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  1. Stephanie
    April 29, 2012 / 3:44 pm

    Great post! I'm so lazy in the winter and need to start thinking about getting them into shape! I recently brought a pumice stone actually and its amazing! xxx

  2. Eight For A Wish
    May 2, 2012 / 7:24 pm

    As a student nurse I'm always looking for things to help my poor feet, the skin is always so hard because I'm on my feet all day, not to mention red and sore.I just haven't got around to investing in a good foot file that actually works. I used a Pedegg once and thought it was crap, so that went in the bin. Really looking at the Scholl one now though.Devon

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