Jo Malone: Plum Blossom

And they do it again. I’m getting a bit sick of writing about how fabulous Jo Malone is, but alas, I must. The latest fragrance addition to their ever growing range is this beautiful bottle of Plum Blossom, inspired by the blush-ruffle flowers and capturing the optimism of springtime. The scent is limited edition, including subtle smells of sandalwood and musk, and has a delicate motif on the bottle to differentiate it from the rest of the fragrance range. There’s even a little pink piece of rope (not unlike the curtain holders my Nan has in her living room) to help you remember which one you’re supposed to pick up. A lot lighter than the other fragrances, this is definitely one which would be complemented by the Jo Malone iconic ‘fragrance mixing’ to bring out the different notes. It’s not really strong enough on its own to be worn as a main scent, but it gives a great basis for building, as well as being perfect for spritzing all over for daytime. Get it now before it’s gone.

Limited edition available from May, RRP £36.00 for the 30ml (size featured above)


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  1. BeautyBecca
    April 25, 2012 / 4:43 pm

    sounds gorgeous! quite pricey though :/

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