EXCLUSIVE: Gabriella Ellis announced as the first UK Proactiv ambassador

Some time ago one of my very good friends was suffering with relentless acne. In her late twenties and with two children, it was getting ridiculous that she was having to get out the spot cream on a daily basis. She undertook the Proactiv challenge (I tracked her journey here) and it really did change her life. For the first time in years her skin was clear, her makeup sat perfectly on her face and her confidence was overwhelming. She’s kept up the routine pretty much ever since, knowing this product range is her ‘go to’ as soon as she suffers from a breakout. Traditionally Proactiv ambassadors have been very American, with the brand originating over there and relying on celebs like Katy Perry and Jessica Simpson to sell their stories of success. However, for the first time ever Proactiv now has a UK ambassador in the form of Gabriella Ellis from hit show Made In Chelsea. I got the opportunity to quiz her on her new role and find out why she agreed to be a Proactiv ambassador – here is an LBQ exclusive interview for you to enjoy… 

Have you
always had problems with your skin and if so has it affected your beauty

My skin started
getting bad in my 20’s – it really upset me as it affected the way I put on
makeup and I always felt like people were looking at my spots…

How important
is a flawless complexion to you?

important!!! Being on TV and in the public eye having a flawless complexion is
essential – the cameras are now in HD so you can pretty much see every tiny

How has
Proactiv worked for you and what has your regime been?

Proactiv has
been amazing!  I started using it
about 4 months ago and after about 2-3 weeks my skin was looking smoother,
glowing and overall healthy. I use the 3 step system so Cleanse, Tone and
Repair and I do this morning and night….

What’s your favourite Proactiv product?

My favourite Proactiv product is the refining
Mask, I love it for that cheeky blemish that tries to squeeze its way through
on to your face, one blob over night and it’s basically gone in the morning!

Why did you
agree to become a Proactiv ambassador?

I thought it
was great product and the main thing is it works. Simple as that.

How has the
range changed your confidence?

Massively. I
was so self conscious about my skin before and even though it might not look
too bad to other people to me it always felt like people were staring at my
spots and imperfections but now my skin is glowing and soft and I can hold my
head high!

What’s your
number one tip to girls and guys suffering with acne?

Get Proactiv!!!
It worked for me so it can work for you… Simples!

What’s your
must have beauty product (outside of skin care)?

I always have
my Mac liquid eyeliner on me; you can transform your eyes in minutes with one
swish of a brush! 

do you think of Gabriella being the new Proactiv ambassador? Would you
undergo the Proactiv challenge? Find out more on their site here: www.proactiv.co.uk


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  1. Islay
    April 10, 2012 / 6:11 pm

    I'm not a massive fan of Gabriella on the show, but I still want to give Proactiv a go!

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