Rimmel Match Perfection

The spring has most definitely sprung so it’s time to get out the blushers, dust off the bronzers and highlight our cheeks through to the height of summer. Even if you’re not traditionally a blush or bronzer girl, let me tempt you with these delicate delights from Rimmel, part of their Match Perfection collection. A little bit of colour goes a long way to highlight and contour the cheekbones, making you look fresher, younger and more awake – what more do you need? These blushers and bronzers provide a very delicate and three-dimensional shade so they’re perfect for newbies or those of you who fear of looking like a clown. The unique smart-tone technology also blends perfectly into your skin
delivering complementary tones that adapt to the colour and contours of
your face – perfect.

The designs of these are pretty awesome, the blush featuring a swirl that appears to have taken inspiration from the Rimmel crown logo, and the bronzer channeling its inner African creature with Zebra-inspired grooves. Both of them feature two slightly different shades so you get a real depth of colour that matches your skintone and doesn’t look false. The bronzer even has a little dash of that blue stuff that’s in the foundation to bring about a radiant and healthy glow – oooh er. Within the product there’s also a light sparkle to catch the light, all in all giving you a really subtle hint of colour that looks perfectly natural and mimics your own skintone. I’ve been loving both of these for a few weeks now as you can use them all over the face in a very subtle way, bridging the gap between seasons. Roll on Summer!

These are available now priced £5.99 each



  1. Zoe
    March 24, 2012 / 12:12 pm

    I love the look of both of these! I think the highstreet have bought out some really good bronzers lately x

  2. Liz Beechwood
    March 24, 2012 / 1:56 pm

    Haven´t tried these yet but my everyday powder is always from rimmel, love this brand!Btw, there´s a blog award for you on my blog,dear! I hope you are happy about it and I really enjoy reading your blog!Kisses,Lizzy from Fashion-BlaBlahttp://lizbeechwood.blogspot.de/

  3. Eli
    March 24, 2012 / 2:58 pm

    Must try the blusher when it gets here. Looks very subtle, just what I need to wear it daily, otherwise I jsut skip blusher 🙂

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