Pedicures in the Cowshed

If you thought I was going to start talking about painting the toenails of some uber stylish cow folk, then you’d be wrong. A few weeks ago I went down to the Cowshed salon in Shoreditch House, London for a pedicure with some work colleagues. It had been a long month and we were all in desperate need of some de-stressing, so a Friday afternoon sipping pink champagne and having some other poor soul fiddle with our feet seemed like the best idea since American Pie: The Reunion. During the summer months I have pedicures all the time, but as my feet get covered in tights, boots and High School Musical socks, the need for good tootsies goes out the window. After a few months of rejection, they were definitely in need of some love.

The Cowshed is situated in the effortlessly chic Shoreditch House and is open to all members of the public (you have to be a member to go into the actual House.) As soon as you walk in you can see that you’re going to be in very comfy company – the chairs are to die for. To. Die. For. Once you’re comfy you’re treated like a princess for the hour it takes to soak, buff and paint your feet while you sip on either a complementary hot drink or indulge in a glass of bubbles. We went for the bubbles, natch. What was nice about the treatment is that the ladies working were fabulous, delicate, paid attention to detail, were ridiculously friendly and helpful. So many salons I’ve been to you feel like you’re inconveniencing them, but these Cowshed workers were the Cow’s Bollocks. The whole aura of the place is fantastic, putting you at ease and giving you a little bit of luxury in a relaxed way – what’s more though is it was the best pedicure I’ve had in years and three weeks later my toes are still 100% perfect. No chips, no need for a top-up, just perfect and flawless.

Check out the virtual tour of the spa here. Book treatments here – pedicures start at £32 but we went for the £48 hour-long option.


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  1. Clare @
    March 26, 2012 / 7:56 pm

    I love Cowshed. Haven't been to the one at Shoreditch though. Sounds like I need to investigate…

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