Jo Malone: London Blooms

As if I needed another reason to fall in love with Jo Malone, their new floral collection ‘London Blooms’ is absolutely to die for. Inspired by the British garden, the bottles are a little different from the normal clear, cream and black designs because they feature a cute aubergine bow and a floral design on the bottle. This is the first time they’ve ever deviated away from their classic design and it’s definitely paid off. The collection includes three fragrances which capture the scent and idea of a classic country garden, but in the unequivocally Jo Malone way: Peony & Moss; Iris & Lady More Cologne; White Lilac & Rhubarb.

The collection, as you’d imagine, is very floral and includes some unique and strong scents. Although it’s not for everyone, even if you’re not a traditional florist (in the scent sense, not the flower arranging sense!) you may find something you like. The combinations of traditional with the unique make each scent very different and multi-generational, bringing a very elegant and classic scent to the (dressing) table. I definitely wouldn’t wear these scents daily, but they’d be perfect for when I’m skipping through a midsummer field with daisies in my hair! Seeing as it’s Mother’s Day coming up these would be a perfect gift and I’m sure gratefully received.

Available now priced £72.00 each.


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