L’eau de Chloé

I love the Chloe brand, fragrance and everything that goes with it. One of my close friends has worn the Chloe scent since it was first released, so it reminds me of getting ready at hers before a night out, the classic bottle placed elegantly on her dressing table. The big news of today is that Chloe will be releasing a follow-up scent this March, and below is a little teaser of what to expect. It’s called L’eau de Chloé and sounds divine…

“Layers of chiffon in bright sunlight. Bare feet brushing long grass. The glow of dawn on the skin. Chloé’s signature scent opens a new chapter in its story. An aura delicate as a breath of air. Like the original fragrance, this unique eau suggests rare elegance and surprising modernity. Free, spontaneous, radiant femininity. Meet L’eau de Chloé…”

Here’s also a little ‘behind the scenes’ video which makes me want it to come out as soon as physically possible. The grass, the dress, the music, the red convertable… J’adore.

Available March 2012 – more details to follow



  1. princesselfy
    January 11, 2012 / 1:52 pm

    I'm excited to get a whiff. Putting it on my list of perfumes to sniff!

  2. Boscy
    January 11, 2012 / 1:58 pm

    Looks so amazing! I'm a dedicated fan of the original Chloe fragrance (it smells absolutely amazing and the bottle is timelessly elegant). Can't wait until this follow up hits stores – I'll definitely be trying to get my hands on a sample! xhttp://boscy.blogspot.com

  3. Aisling M
    January 11, 2012 / 2:38 pm

    I'm like your friend and have been wearing only Chloe since it was first released, call it my 'signature scent' if you will! I deviated to the Rose edition last summer and I CANNOT wait for another edition! Thank you for posting the beautiful ad 🙂 x

  4. Unnavamp
    January 11, 2012 / 9:21 pm

    I can't wait for it to come out! I absolutely loooove Chloè and everything they do fashionwise as well!!Annahttp://niceandpolished.blogspot.com

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