St Tropez: like a parade

Parade are apparently the ‘hot new girl band’. I keep seeing them crop up in various places, but more for their product endorsement and mismatched fashion than for their actual music – I’m not gonna lie, I couldn’t name a simple one of their tunes. First they were the face of Clean & Clear and now their the legs of St Tropez; those girls have got some good body parts. They’re the leg ambassadors of St Tropez’s new leg spray self tan ‘Pefect Legs’, which gives you colour and an airbrushed finish whilst building a natural long-lasting self tan.. The lightweight 360 fake tan aerosol spray enables you to get to every area of your legs, giving you enviable pins that are perfect for the party season. I’ve yet to try the product myself, but Parade’s legs do look pretty hot in these promo shots. Maybe that’s why their music isn’t making waves – they’re too busy posing in photo frames…


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