Sienna X spray tan

Just because it’s chilly outside doesn’t mean you have to have a skin colour to match. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of winter tanning and this week I was fortunate enough to be spray tanned by a Sienna X professional, who injected a little bit of colour into my pasty pale skin. If you’ve never had a spray tan before then you basically step into a booth wearing nothing but a pair of paper pants (I didn’t say it was glamorous) and someone literally sprays a tan on you with an air gun. You have to stand in all kinds of positions to ensure you’re fully covered and the tan enhances your best bits, but it takes only about five minutes and the tan is personalised to your needs. I went for the lightest shade of Sienna X and it still gave me a pretty awesome colour – not OTT or ridiculous, but just a nice glow to show off at the weekend.

I’ve never tried the Sienna X range before but I was pleasantly surprised. Although it does smell quite strongly, the result is natural and pretty long lasting – I’ve had it on 6 days and it’s still going. There’s also a gradual tan, spray tan in a can and body wash to help your tan last extra long. I could totally get addicted to this, particularly as the tanning lotion is really quite moisturising and not at all drying. You do have to be careful for a good few hours to ensure there aren’t any blemishes (I left a hairband on my wrist so ended up with a lovely white wring) but overall it’s a pretty good colour. Here’s a cheeky picture of me just to prove it…

Have you ever had a Sienna X spray tan?



  1. Ceri Taylor
    December 14, 2011 / 8:20 pm

    I'm a strong believer that tanning should become a part of everday life for women.. (My life at least haha) And I love this post. Definitely will have to try out Sienna X products!

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