The LBQ Awards 2011 (Body/Skin)

It’s only right that I take time to sit back and reflect on the products this year that have really helped to keep me in tip condition – even if only on the outside. There are so many body lotions, scrubs, tans, buffers, creams and serums it’s sometimes hard to know what actually makes a real difference and is worth the pennies. Here are my top selections of 2011 in the body category… The LBQ Awards are about to be announced.

Best Body Moisturiser – Biotherm, Lait Corporel
It’s easy to spend three quid on a moisturiser and be done with it, because they all do the same thing right? So I thought until I tried this beauty from Biotherm. I’ve always suffered with dry skin, especially on my upper arms and legs, but after using this for a few weeks I noticed a real difference in the texture and appearance of my limbs. I didn’t even need to use a body brush because my skin had become so smooth and supple; even the lady who did my spray tan commented on my smooth knees! I probably won’t continue to use this all year round, but it’s a definite winner for the colder months.

Best Fake Tan – HeShi, Face + Body Tanning Gel
I’ve tried quite a few fake tans over the course of 2011 but there’s one addition that stands out in my mind. HeShi’s standard fake tan is pretty awesome, but it had a bit of a makeover this December in the form of a universal gel. The light gel is really easy to apply, dries quickly and leaves skin bronzed and streak free. It’s unisex and universal, meaning you can literally use it for any fake tanning related tasks. There’s no need to worry about having orange skin either, as the result is light and perfect for the winter months too. I love how I can literally bung this on haphazardly before bed and wake up to perfectly bronzed limbs.

Best Hand Cream – Rodial, Glam Balm Hand
Hand cream is an essential part of my beauty regime. Who wants to shake hands with crusty digits? I religiously apply hand cream throughout the day (especially in winter) so I always have a stash to hand – excuse the pun. A lot of creams are too runny, leave residue or don’t actually moisturise the skin at all. One cream that was launched this year ticks every box and more – it’s just the right consistency, absorbs fast, leaves no residue, saves dry hands and smells delicious. Using Rodial’s famous Glam Balm technology, this is really something special. The only downside is that it may as well be gold plated; it’s £39 a tube. We can dream right?

Best Face Wash/Scrub – Neutrogena, Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Scrub
It’s so very important to regularly exfoliate the skin to rid it of any dead, dull cells. It’s also vital that you look after your skin, cleaning it and removing dirt effectively on a daily basis. This product does both those things in one, with a delicate pink grapefruit scent. The light gel formula contains very slight grains to gently work away dead skin while cleansing, without stripping moisture. I actually enjoy using this because it does the job without leaving a tight feeling on my face – it also helps to eliminate blemishes, which is an added bonus at certain points of the month. This works just as well as any more premium product and should be on every shower shelf, regardless of the owners age!

I still have loads more favourites from 2011 to share with you, but what are your best finds of the year? 


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  1. Hayley
    December 28, 2011 / 10:23 pm

    that body cream sounds many cheap ones on the market that dont seem to do anything! my favourite discovery is probably cetaphil, affordable simple skincare products with no fancy packaging that do what they say but nothing beats my old faithful liz earle!Hayley x

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