Wrapped in friendship

Are you struggling of innovative things to buy your friends this Christmas? Bit bored with a bog standard lipgloss or set of bath melts? Well this year why not act like a three year old again and put your focus entirely on the wrapping paper… (Why is it that they’re always more entertained by the paper than the super-dooper-flashy toy inside?)

Nivea have a pretty cool Facebook app that allows you to order a gift for a friend, including lipgloss sets and hand cream boxes, that also includes personalised wrapping paper. The app picks up the photos you’re both tagged in and posts on eachothers wall, plonking them within a wrapping paper design to make it super special. If you don’t like a photo or wall post you can click through and change it for one you prefer, as well as choosing to get rid of the wall posts all together. Click through and order your gift to put a spring in your friend’s step, as well as eliminating the need for gift tags!

The only thing is that the gift doesn’t come pre-wrapped, so you’ll have to get out the sellotape once it arrives and deliver it by hand. This really simple personal touch is guaranteed to be really popular this festive season and best of all it’s absolutely free. Why not even suggest to your male friends that they do this for their girlfriends, or your brother for your mother… Everyone will love the little touch of their face on the wrapping paper!

To get stuck in yourself, click through to Nivea’s Facebook page.


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  1. Clare @ cclarebear.com
    November 24, 2011 / 11:28 am

    That is completely adorable. I've been looking for something like this for ages, but making and printing my own wrapping paper was always going to be time consuming and expensive haha

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