National Stress Awareness Day

Living the busy life of a career girl, socialite, beauty blogger and cocktail addict can take its toll. Today (2nd November) is National Stress Awareness Day, where we’re all encouraged to take a step back. According to recent research, stress has doubled in the last four years as it becomes normal to have about a million different things to do at once. I know that I can get stressed as hell and take it out on everyone from the dude sticking his elbows in me on the tube, to the poor lads sitting next to me at my desk, to the girl who made my coffee just a little bit too strong in Nero. Take five minutes today to relax, unwind and realise that it really doesn’t matter. Go home, run yourself a bath and pour in a little oil from Aromatherapy Associates… You’ll feel miles better.

If you have time today, pop down to their boutique in Knightsbridge where they’re also helping you unwind with complementary de-stressing massages. 


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