Luxurious Volume?

My hair is a bit of a funny one. Technically it’s a big, voluminous mess, but as soon as I straighten it the voluminous mess is replaced by a dead flat, lifeless barnet. Trying to get long lasting volume in it is a nightmare, so when John Frieda released this Anytime Volume Refresher I was intrigued. Could it provide me with the volume I lust after? Was it going to change my hair life? Erm, not so much… But it smells nice. In the words of John Frieda, it “recreates volume at the roots when fine hair begins to fall flat. Refreshes style by absorbing oils for a fresh, full look. Can be used anytime, anywhere.” So basically it’s a dry shampoo yeah?

Well, kind of. The application and product is just like a dry shampoo, providing absorption of excess oil and uplifting roots to inject a little bit of volume. The positive is that there’s absolutely no residue, so none of that chalky feeling you get with your can of Bastiste, plus it’s clear so you won’t look like you’ve dipped your head in the leftovers of a talc party. The downside is that the volume it provides is so minimal that it’s barely noticeable. Giving your hair a bit of a finger boost (you know what I mean so wipe those dodgy thoughts from your mind) has about the same effect. It does dry up some of the excess oil, but it certainly won’t keep your hair refreshed between washes.

This is great if you hate the chalky feeling and look of dry shampoos, or have really fine hair so traditional dry shampoos are too much. If, like me, you just want some volume and texture then I wouldn’t say this is going to change the way you look after your hair. At £5.79 it’s over double the price of a can of Batiste too, so you’re paying for the privilege of a sleeker can and no white bits. Is it worth it? I’m sticking to my Batiste Brit thankseverso.

Available now from all major retailers, RRP £5.79 for 250ml


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