It’s a Bobbi Christmas

Have you noticed that every other advert on the telly at the moment has an evil looking Santa in it? Or that the festive twinkly lights have already been turned on in every high street? It’s that time of year again when everything gets a bit festive… And what do you get with festivities? Sparkly makeup! I’d been eyeing up some of the Bobbi Brown Christmas collection after seeing it advertised in a magazine and was, for the first time in ages, tempted to go down to the beauty counter in Selfridges and make a purchase. To my delight, the very next day it arrived through my door thanks to the lovely people at Bobbi Brown! (Who says Santa doesn’t give you what you wish for?) This season they’ve outdone themselves, even by the one hero product from the range – this stunning highlighter brick.

Oh my. A highlighter that has a martini glass and a cocktail shaker embossed in it? It’s like it was made for me. (Bobbi, have you been spying on me?) Not only does it look fab, but the two shades of delicate gold and a pearlescent silver mix perfectly to provide an awesome highlighter that helps to sculpt cheekbones. I love the face that you can’t necessarily see it until the light catches it, giving you a really healthy boost. If there was one product I would purchase just because it looks cool, it would unashamedly be this.

Also within the collection is a new brown eyes eyeshadow palette which has the perfect collaboration of neutral shimmers, sparkly highlighters and a dark brown to line the eye. As you’d expect, the pigments are great and the formula is smooth and easy to blend. There are so many combinations within these six colours, taking you from the office party, to Christmas Day to a hungover Boxing Day lunch. This, ladies, is not a palette just for Christmas – this is for life.

Finally there’s a cute little box of treasures that makes a festive travelling makeup bag easy to take care of. At first glance there’s a little berry lipgloss and two subtle lip colours, packaged in a sweet little compact case. However, on second glance you realise that hidden away underneath in a second layer are three gorgeous darker eyeshadows – a silver, sweet plump and black. What more do you need to get glammed up for the office party? You’ve literally got everything you’ll need in an iddy, biddy case. I’m so excited about all these products I’m going to have to have a cocktail to calm down… In a martini glass of course.

Party Shimmer Brick £32.50, Party Eye Palette £39, Party to Go Palette £32.00



  1. Lauren Rose
    November 9, 2011 / 11:17 am

    The highlighter looks amazing!I can't imagine it being subtle but I already want it x

  2. Boscy
    November 9, 2011 / 11:35 am

    The highlighter looks amazing. Unfortunately, Bobbi Brown is just not a brand that 'speaks to me'. Damn you, brand loyalty.

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