Naturtint hair dye

Naturtint hair colour is an alternative to abrasive and chemical hair dyes, offering a solution to grey and lifeless hair with active vegetable ingredients. It’s apparently celebrating the ‘fusion of nature and science’ in 30 different shades. The formula contains no ammonia, parabens or resorcinol, it’s dermatologically tested and enriched with soya, corn, coconut and wheat extracts. This all sounds very lovely, but what does the result actually look like? Is it worth swapping a chemically filled hair dye for a natural one? I put Naturtint to the test and sent it to two readers… This is what they thought:

“I dyed my hair with 7.46 Arizona Copper. What I liked was that it didn’t smell as strong as the unnatural hair dyes and also didn’t feel as heavy or like it was weighing my hair down.  The instructions were easy to follow as well. However, what I didn’t like is the fact that it hardly made any difference to my hair whatsoever!  You could see from the top of my head I’d dyed it, but it was hardly noticable.  

Compared to other dyes I’ve used, this one was the worst one because it simply didn’t really colour my hair.  They include a little packet of shampoo, but as I have long hair this wasn’t enough – I wish they would’ve included a bit more shampoo for those of us with longer hair. All in all, I’d probably give this a 2 out of 10 simply because it didn’t work on my hair.  I wouldn’t buy it, and I definitely wouldn’t recommend it to a friend.”

Oh dear. Anna really didn’t get along with it at all. However, Claire had a completely different experience…

“I’ve been dying my hair blue black for the past eight years, I’ve tried to ween myself off it onto a more natural colour, but I always return to it. I like to think it makes me look like Dita Von Teese, but in reality I’m more Snooki from Jersey Shore. LBQ sent me Naturtint Permanent Hairdye in my favourite shade to compare to the results of the usual brands I use, L’oreal or Schwarzkopf.

I was a bit skeptical due to it being a ‘green’ product. I’m the sort of girl who doesn’t care if there’s a hundred chemicals in my hairdye that I can’t even pronounce, as long as it makes my hair look awesome. Application was easy as any dye you’d buy from a chemist. Barely any smell off the mix either. Naturtint includes a shampoo for rinsing the dye out, which is a huge plus point. I never know whether to use hair dye conditioner that locks in colour straight after rinsing, THEN shampoo with my regular shampoo, or vice versa. The shampoo sachet included smells a bit like Deep Heat, but the follow up conditioner treatment smells lovely.

The finished result is outstanding. With regular dyes I find it takes a wash or two before my hair feels nice again, but with Naturtint it’s shiny, soft and looks amazing. I’m converted. I just hope I can find this product as readily as the big brands in my local chemist.”

So there you go. Two ladies with two barnets and two completely different experiences! I’m a bit unconvinced on this, although Claire still swears by it and has been using Naturtint ever since. I guess it’s one of those products that depends on your hair type, but I would definitely give it a go. Have you tried natural hair dyes? 

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  1. sugarpuffish
    October 8, 2011 / 6:54 pm

    I have used this hair dye for over 2 years, I love it, few chemicals, your 1st reviewer must have chosen the wrong colour for her hair. I have changed my hair (using this dye)from my natural dark brown to golden blonde and recently went back to brown again.

  2. London Beauty Queen
    October 9, 2011 / 10:02 am

    It seems that people that use it regularly love it, but you have to make sure you get the right colour for you!

  3. findit13
    October 10, 2011 / 6:22 am

    Hiya, Love your blog, its a daily read for me 🙂 I've used this hair color, and find it just at good as the rest. After finally growing hair after chemo, I was told hair color would not be a good idea, as the chemicals in my body (chemo) would also go into the hair shaft, which after coloring could turn my hair any color in the rainbow, including canary yellow. I did some research online, and found this brand was the safest, as it doesn't contain all the normal chemicals. I tried this hair product in a mahoganny color the first time around. It covered all the white bits, but I thought my hair looked a bit purple. I've now used the chestnut brown, and it looks great. I suppose its like any hair color product, it all depends on what kind of treatment your hair has had before, too much over processing is probably going to give you a different color then on the box (just like regular hair colors). My hair is super soft, and its nice to use a hair color that doesn't smell like chemicals.

  4. Nimph Duffy
    March 30, 2013 / 1:39 am

    Can anyone please recommend a good Naturtint color for a lighter rat blondeish?

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