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I love twitter. I’ve met so many ace people and remained in contact with those I’ve met briefly through the wonder of Tweetdeck. Claire, aka Rude Doodle, always makes me laugh and we chat away about any old rubbish we can think of, as well as her asking for advice on what products she should be using. She’s a bit of a self-confessed makeup newbie, so I sent her some products to keep herself occupied. This is what she thought…

London Beauty Queen sent me a few bits & bobs to test out this week. I am a bit of a make-up novice, so hopefully my reviews will give you a verdict on whether the products are easy to use, for those lacking the skills of the Beauty Queen herself!

First I tried Aveda’s Rehydrating Lip Glaze in Cherry Blossom shade. It’s your standard little lippy wand in a tube, nothing mind blowing there, but it’s the decision to make it mint flavoured that made it different. I didn’t like it. Why would I want toothpaste lips? Unless your other half has a dental hygiene problem that you want to sneakily hint at by kissing him with your Miss Drill The Dentist, minty mouth, I can’t see the appeal. If my lip gloss has to taste of something, then why not cherry, as the shade name implies? As for the colour, you remember when you were six and your mum bought you a little make-up set with clear nail varnish and a pinky red lipshine? That’s what I thought my lips looked like. I don’t want people to think I got my make-up free with a pair of Lelli Kelli school shoes, thanks.

Next I tried Body Shop’s eye shadow duo in Quartz shade. Whilst the colour wasn’t great on me, I felt a bit like a 1970’s roller disco girl, the quality is spot on for the price. The lighter pink its very iridescent and perfect to brighten up your eyes on these darker mornings. The purple shade contrasts perfectly & when used over a primer the colour is a gorgeous jewel tone.

Finally I used Rimmel’s Extra Wow Lash mascara, in good, old, reliable black. Mascara is one of the make-up products I usually pester London Beauty Queen about every few months over on Twitter. I’ve never found a brand to settle on, and I’m always hoping she will have found ‘The One’ I can buy regularly forever more. At last no more awkward minutes in front of the makeup counters, feeling like a dodgy shoplifter staring at rows of mascara with no clue which will actually deliver the promises the hyperbolic names imply. Rimmel Extra Wow isn’t quite that, but it’s a decent little product. The wand gives light coverage, allowing you to build up layers and get the effect you want. I’ll be using it until it runs out, but the quest for the ultimate mascara continues.

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  1. @hygge_belfast
    October 17, 2011 / 6:38 pm

    @rudedoodleOOhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you just scared me alot!As i scrolled down the blog and saw your hair, brow and eyes of the first photo i thought it was me!! I half-wondered how you got a photo of me before the scroll continued and i saw it wasn't me.Silly and half-daft i know. lolMaybe we're distantly related….Good Blog. :-)Rosey

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