The Saturdays: Fashionistas

Last week I had the pleasure of trotting down into central London to meet hot girl band of the moment, and all round hotties in general, The Saturdays. They weren’t just there to look fabulous, be uber little and fabulously nice, but to launch their new range of magnetic nail polishes with FashionistA. (The ‘A’ is supposed to be capital, don’t you know.) They’ve not only signed their name, face and signature to the bottles, but they’ve actually picked the shades and worked on the products themselves. The result is a great variety of colour which sums up each girl’s personality, as well as the colour being names after a Saturday’s tune.

The colours include green, red, blue, silver and purple, so there’s something for every fashionista. Ahem. The nail polishes aren’t just colourful, but actually magnetic; by holding a magnet over the top of the nail for a few seconds a wave pattern is created on the nail. The magnet brings out hidden pigments, creating a striking marbled effect on the nail that is totally integrated into the polish so it doesn’t wear off. It takes practice to get it right, particularly as the varnish has to be wet for it to work. The pattern also fades after a few minutes, meaning you need to create a strong result to ensure it doesn’t fade away and leave a bizarre ‘half pattern’ five minutes after you think it’s looking ace.

The polish is thick and easy to apply, but a topcoat is needed to make this last longer than 24-48hrs without any chips. I love the variety of colour in the collection, which I’m sure will be expanded in the future. The cost of these is also relatively low, with the polish being sold at £6 and the accompanying magnet at £3. I love the fact that the magnet also slips onto the polish lid for safe keeping – how very practical. A must have for any pop princess.

Available exclusively at Superdrug.


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