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One of the hardest things to buy is fragrance. It doesn’t ever smell the same from the bottle as it does on your skin, plus it changes as the day goes on. So many times I’ve invested in fragrances that I adored in the shop, only to get home and be convinced that they’d shafted me with a cheaper (and more repulsive) alternative. Ormonde Jayne have a clear understanding of fragrance and how we buy it, because they’ve got their very own ‘discovery set’. The set includes 12 x 2ml mini sprays of eau de perfume, together with a brochure explaining each scent, all housed in a gorgeous black and gold box. This not only gives you the opportunity to ‘try before you buy’, finding out how each scent changes with your skin and the time of day, but also gives you the chance to try the range of twelve fragrances, risk free. The shipping is complimentary worldwide too, so all you’re paying for is the fragrance itself. Having had the opportunity to make your mind up, you can be rest assured that the fragrance you purchase is perfect for you.

The Ormond Jayne fragrances are all delicious too. I admit I had a pre-conception that they’d be a bit musty, floral and old fashioned, but the scents are varied, light and modern. There’s something for everyone, as the box contains floral, oriental, woody and cologne scents – you may even find something perfect that you would never have tried before. These little vials of scent are also perfect for taking away with you or for popping in your bag so you can smell great wherever you go. A brilliant idea which I wish more brands started to roll with…

Available on the Ormonde Jayne website for £44.00


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