KMS Re-loaded

I haven’t had a chance to try any of the products yet, but I wanted to bring you the excting news that KMS California is being ‘re-loaded’, i.e. re-launched, and the new identity is pretty hot stuff. Gone are the dowdy white bottles with too much writing, in are the brightly coloured designs with clear prodcuct names and descriptions to match. The imagery to go alongside the launch is also perfect for us Brits – edgy, colourful, a little bit quirky and ‘East London’, but all in all a huge future hit.

The products are being re-launched to form a simple and clear range, while celebrating the fact that KMS is 35 years young. The classic and cult products have been kept as staples, but they’ve also added in 12 new products including ‘dry touch up hairspray’, dry wax and quick blow dry sprays. I can’t wait to give these a whirl, but for the time being you can take a look at these great images and look out for the new range of KMS launching in a salon near you soon.



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