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Vidal Sassoon has to be one of the most inspirational people ever. Not only was he a hairdresser that changed the way the world cut and looked at hair, reinventing the business and the links with fashion, but he’s been a TV presenter, writer, health fanatic and still looks pretty ace considering he’s in his 80s. I was lucky enough to be invited along to watch the movie that was released to accompany a book, in celebration of his electrical range re-launching. If you get a chance I would thoroughly recommend you take the time to watch the film as he’s had the most incredible and inspiring life that makes me talking about hairdryers a little bit superficial… But talk about hairdryers I will.

Vidal Sassoon have been out of the hair electricals market for some time, but this summer they’re back with bite, launching a range of styling tools into Boots, Argos and John Lewis. The range includes hairdryers, straighteners, curling wands and more, all reasonably priced and accessible to all. There seems to be a pattern for a ‘celebrity’ stamp demanding an extra few notes at the till, but Vidal is keeping it real with his electrical products all coming in under £50 and starting from under £20 – and that even includes their super swanky limited edition range. I’ve been trying the hairdryer for about a week and I’m really impressed, so much so that I’ve swapped my expensive, double-the-size-double-the-price dryer for this.

It’s super lightweight, which for me is a big issue as my arms start to hurt after a while of trying to tame the tresses. The handle fold inwards for super storage and there are three speeds/heat options to make sure the settings are right for what you’re trying to achieve. It has all the normal ion technology to get rid of water within the hair follicle to create sleek and smooth barnets, but it really works. My hair has been much better in the last week, keeping sleek, straight yet bouncy and not causing me any problems at all. I’m amazed that all this comes in a sexy purple package for only £19.99. This is a total winner for me and makes me want to run out and try every other product; there’s a classic, contemporary and limited edition range which are all priced slightly differently – this is part of the contemporary collection.

Grab these while you can because I’m sure they’ll be flying off the shelves at this price!

Hairdryer RRP £19.99, straighteners £19.99-£50.00.
Vidal Sassoon: The Movie available to watch on iTunes and available on DVD 6th September.


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