Prep and Prime

There seem to be a lot of eyelash enhancing serums hitting the market and MAC are the latest brand to jump on the train. Surprisingly though they’re late to the party on this one, particularly as I’ve already tried a handful of these (albeit unsuccessfully as I either get bored or my uber sensitive eyes have a paddy.) They’re launching their own ‘Prep and Prime’ lash serum in August which claims to ‘promote longer, thicker, stronger looking lashes in eight weeks’. I have to admit my legal alarm bells went into overdrive when reading this… Having written copy for major brands over the years the inclusion of the words ‘promotes’ and ‘stronger looking’ makes me think the difference is purely cosmetic rather than fundamental, i.e. it makes your lashes look longer but doesn’t actually make them longer. But then again, does any lash enhancing serum actually make your lashes grow? (It also doesn’t help that the image is of clearly false lashes – who came up with that idea?)

If you want to give this a whirl you can crab it for £21 from August 1st in all MAC concessions, stores and online.


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