Morning Glory

There’s something I do every single day that’s as much a part of my routine as washing my hair, and that’s using a face wash. Some people don’t like it, others find them a pain to use in the shower, but I don’t feel awake and ready to face the day until I’ve washed my face in something lovely. For ages I’ve used the same one as I feel it’s really important to have something simple, fresh and cleansing without being drying… a lot of face washes clean while stripping all the goodness away. However, the new range from Clean & Clear is surprisingly gentle on the skin and definitely does the job of waking you up.

Within the range are two facial washes – a gentle ‘energising’ facial wash and a ‘brightening’ facial scrub. The claim behind the products is that they not only have the normal benefits of Clean & Clear (in that they get rid of excess oils for cleaner, fresher skin) but the scents and ingredients really awaken the skin and the senses. The brand is traditionally seen as a teen one; the products haven’t been on my radar since I was about 14 so I was wary about trying them for fear they’d be too harsh for my adult complexion. These are much more sophisticated than the core range, meaning I’m not embarrassed for them to be in my shower, as well as being quite delicately formulated.

The energising facial wash comes with a pump top which really helps in the shower… two pumps and you’ve got enough to clean your face thoroughly. The formula itself is a pale orange with ‘bursting beads’ which literally split when you start washing your face. This is purely for cosmetic reasons and doesn’t add any benefit to the product, but it makes it look pretty cool! The scent is citrusy, but that kind of chemical citrus smell that you know they’ve spent ages trying to get right – it’s not offensive, but it could be better as it’s the only thing that really lets it down. It cleans the face well without drying, leaves no residue and definitely wakes you up. A winner in my book.

Next up is the brightening facial scrub. (Apart from the fact that there’s not really enough of the ‘good stuff’ to call it a scrub.) I really like this – it’s a refreshing, uplifting product that really does burst through your brain and scream ‘IT’S MORNING!’ Again, the formula lathers and cleanses well without drying, but has the added benefit of a few bits of scrub to exfoliate skin and leave you with a clear complexion. The scrub beads give it a bit of an ‘oomph’, but not enough to prevent you using it daily. In a way it doesn’t really do its job, but that’s what I really like about it… you just have to use another, more powerful scrub once a week for a deep down treatment.

Overall, I was really pleasantly surprised by the range (which also consists of a toner and moisturiser – more on those later) which does a job without being too fancy. Especially as each of the products come in at under a fiver – you can’t go wrong.

Available from all major high street stores for £3.99 each.


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