The Liz Earle facial

Is there nothing this lady can’t do? Apparently not, as she adds a new ‘Healthy Beautiful Skin Facial’ to her portfolio of treatments. I didn’t even know Liz Earle offered a range of facials, but I tottered down to the London flagship store (a few mins walk from Sloane Square/just off the Kings Road) to put one to the test. I’ve always loved the store’s minimalistic approach, friendly staff and beautiful scents, but added to that a touch of fruity water to drink and a trip downstairs into the hideaway treatment centre and I was in heaven. The treatment rooms are incredibly relaxing, decorated in earthy tones of beige and brown and scented with candles. The subtle music playing in the background (which actually had waves spaced throughout so you felt like you were on the Isle of Wight) really set the scene for climbing back into bed.

Climbing back into bed you say? Well the treatment bed is literally a bed – with duvet cover and everything. It even has an electric blanket to keep you extra cosy! Climbing in with just your underwear on feels a bit strange, but two minutes in and a soft massage later you’re too relaxed to even notice. The treatment itself is a holistic treatment which includes 30 minutes of intensive sequenced massage, combined with the powers of naturally active ingredients to restore radiance and to target individual skincare concerns. Liz Earle say: “Staying true to our philosophy of fuss-free dependable skincare, there is no need to choose from an overwhelming complicated treatment menu, as each facial is tailored to meet your individual skincare needs. A truly unique, personal experience, the Healthy Beautiful Skin Facial is suitable for all skin types and is the perfect boost for your skin and your spirits.” 

Your therapist really takes time to get to know you, you skin, your concerns, the products you use and any target areas you’d like to focus on. This then enables them to make the most of the 60 minutes allocated, massaging your face, exfoliating away dull skin and hydrating areas that are so thirsty they could do with a pint. Going into the facial I was tired, had dull skin and a few spots pop up because of ‘new job stress’. Within 30 minutes the tiredness had gone, my eyes felt less heavy, my jawline less tight and my skin plump and rejuvenated. After all this, a face mask was applied, a massage given to shoulders and neck and moisturisers applied to finish me off. The difference was literally visible and I walked out looking confident, even without a scrap of slap on my face. When I did apply makeup a few hours later, it glided on and looked tonnes better than usual… even needing less of a coating than I would normally put on for a day out. 

I love this fruity water!

The treatment can be used to identify specific areas of concern, addressing and eliminating them. It’s recommended that for long-term effects you have one of these once a month, particularly as it will help to drain excess fluid and reduce tension. I would say for an intense 60 minute session with an expert that really knows what they’re doing, this is well worth the cash. The facial launches on 16th July and is priced £65 for a 60 minute treatment. This also includes a free sample size of the product of your choice, so you can take a little bit of Liz Earle home with you to continue the pampering.

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