The Wrinkle Challenge

Those of you who have wrinkles, (sorry, I’m not one of you.. yet!) do you believe the claims companies make about helping you wipe the years off with only a moisturiser for a weapon? According to Garnier, 71% of people don’t believe the claims companies make, which isn’t surprising really in a world that’s focused on making outrageous propositions and including ingredients we can’t pronounce. Garnier are putting the power back into your hands by encouraging the general public to test out their Ultra Lift cream without spending a penny. They’re giving away free 14 day sample kits of the Ultra Lift day cream, which also includes a ‘wrinkle reader’ so wrinkles can be measured on day 1 and 14 for comparison! There’s absolutely nothing to lose. You can request your free sample on their website, leaving your feedback and comments after the 14 day trial. I think this is such a good idea, having the confidence to get Lady Bloggs to try the product for themselves before they commit to buying it. Bravo, Garnier, Bravo.

For full details and to request your sample visit their website:



  1. BeautyBangs
    June 16, 2011 / 6:45 pm

    I never believe the claims of a product until I have tried it myself. The testing samples seem, in my opinion, to be too small to get a reliable response. So I always like to try and make my own judgements.Steph xx

  2. Lyuba-chan
    June 16, 2011 / 7:24 pm

    I don't believe in these kinds of claims, but I did signed up for a sample. Why not, I'm willing to try it and who knows, maybe I'll be wrong lol.

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