Visible Effects

I’ve become a massive moisturiser fiend, obsessively applying it morning and night to my limbs like a ritual. It’s probably the product I get through most of, slapping it on and pouring big blobs onto my skin, practically bathing in it come bed time. One of the moisturisers I’m loving at the moment is the new Visible Effects from Dove. I’ve always like their tinted moisturisers, but this new range takes it a step further by creating something special – the multi-layer complex imparts moisture deep down in the skin for ‘improvements you can really see’. Although this type of technology has been popping up in a few brands, I really like the Dove version as it’s really light, non-greasy and is easy to rub into the skin.

It’s the perfect kind of moisturiser for using overnight too as it gets deep down into the layers you can’t see, leaving you with super soft skin in the morning. A lot of moisturisers leave residue or a greasy feeling the next day, but the Visible Effects is absorbed really quickly meaning you not only wake up with soft (clean) limbs, but also go to bed not feeling like you’re going to stick to the sheets. I’ve noticed a big difference to my arms since using this – they’re really soft, possibly the softest they’ve ever been, and my fake tan has been going on so much better. The formula is so light and silky that it’s a pleasure to apply, especially with the handy squeeze bottle which gets it just where you want it.

At £3.66 in Boots for 250ml this is a snip too!



  1. Elle Grace - Miss. City Girl
    June 22, 2011 / 9:21 am

    I've used Dove's build up moisturiser for a while now as I love the gradual effect. I will have to give this new one a test drive. x

  2. Nerdic..
    June 22, 2011 / 4:38 pm

    I like Dovex fashionnerdic

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