Time for Tea

There’s nothing I like more in this life than a good cup of tea. (OK, maybe a cold beer on a warm summer’s day, but we’re talking non-alcoholic, good behaviour type stuff.) My kitchen cupboard is stuffed to the brim with every type of Twinings tea bag that’s possibly available, even leading me to request a tea organiser for Christmas. (I’m 28 not 80, but sometimes I surprise myself.) My other big love in life is a good scarf… If you’ve ever met me then you’ll know that I rarely go scarf-less, even at the height of summer. There’s something that makes me feel all snuggly with a big bit of cloth around my neck and shoulders, instantly vamping up an otherwise boring outfit. So imagine my delight when I found out two of my loves had metaphorically married – Twinings has created a scarf all of its very own!

Iconic British tea brand has teamed up with another British icon, Alice Temperley, to design a limited edition silk scarf that’s available from tomorrow. Alice hand painted the beautiful design herself, representing the journey from China to London with the original Earl Grey blend back in 1831. The blue colours are truly stunning and the size (over a meter square) of the humongous scarf pretty astounding – every girl needs one of these bad boys. Only 1000 have been made so if you’re after one you better nab yourself one quickly through the Twinings or Temperley website. At £115 it’s not an impulse purchase, but a small price to pay to be part of something so iconically British that will inevitably be worth its weight in gold in a few years time. Personally, I’m hoping K-Middy will be sporting one on her Canadian tour… we can only hope.

You can see some lovely ladies modelling the scarf here:
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