Snap, Crackle, Pop

Crackle polishes appear to be here to stay. After Barry M launched their black shatter to a stampede of hysterical beauty enthusiasts and OPI added their version into the mix, the world and their wife seem to be launching an array of crackle, shatter and stripey polishes. Beauty UK have just launched three of their own in pink, black and silver; and at £2.99 each these are the cheapest ones I’ve come across. The bottles are chunky and fun – something I do like about the nail polishes is the bottle design which makes it easy to apply.

I’ve tried out the silver shatter polish and it applies really thickly, leaving only a subtle bit of shatter effect. I did expect the polish to ‘crackle’ further than it did, but this may just be the nature of the silver formula which is thicker than the black ones I’ve tried. Because of this the base shade isn’t that important as you can’t actually see that much of it; you could even wear over plain nails and get the same striking effect. The polish dries quickly and stays around for a few days, but the tips do start to wear off so you need a topcoat for longevity. Overall though, for something fun and different, why pay more than £2.99 when it does the job well?

Another product they’ve launched into their ‘special effects’ range is a matte topcoat, also priced at £2.99. As expected, you need a quick swipe of polish to turn any glossy colour into a sophisticated matte effect. This is actually quite impressive as compared to the other matte topcoats I have from much more expensive brands, this stays put and doesn’t rub off easily. My nails stayed matte for the life of the polish. Top marks!



  1. BeautyBangs
    June 5, 2011 / 3:59 pm

    How amazing is that matte top coat?! Must have!I've never tried BeautyUK but I think I'll give them a go now. Great review 🙂 Steph xx

  2. Steph says...
    June 6, 2011 / 8:55 pm

    I have Rimmel's Matte Topcoat and I love it. I was so intrigued to try it, because I just could not imagine what a matt nail polish would look like, but I love it. I definitely think it is a great winter look with some of the gorgeous dark wintery shades you can get. I like to shine in the summer 😀 The crackle polish looks pretty good too, although is it not a bit risky to put it on your bare nail? I did that by accident with my black Barry M shatter, and I literally had to file the polish off with a nail file as nothing would remove it! My poor nails were wrecked.Steph x

  3. London Beauty Queen
    June 7, 2011 / 2:55 pm

    I would always recommend you put on a base coat anyway – you should never put anything on a bare nail as it will damage and discolour it. But yeah, why not! For £2.99 these are pretty awesome.

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