Mission: Clean Up

Last week I was invited by Thalgo to celebrate World Ocean Day with a trip to the beach. The ‘marine beauty’ brand takes its inspiration, ingredients and love for beauty from the sea, so it seemed like a perfect fit. I trotted down to a beach in Whitstable with a mini-bus full of other ladies to get to grips with the state of our British beaches. I was actually really shocked to see how such a quiet and residential beach could become so infested with rubbish – we found everything from bottle tops, cans, cups, rope, sweet wrappers, iron bars and everything in between. After a couple of hours getting to grips with our litter pickers and wandering down the Kent coastline, we’d collected a HUGE pile of rubbish!

This really opened my eyes to how much waste we leave behind, sometimes without even realising, and it really has an impact on the surrounding nature. Message from LBQ – if you go to the beach, pick up your rubbish! Anyway, so having worked our bums off we felt like we’d earned a decent lunch… cue a trip to an amazing oyster restaurant which served the most amazing fish I’ve ever tasted. All this was very lovely, but the important thing was that we did our bit to help the oceans and seas of the world, and every little bit helps.

Thalgo is a brand that takes its inspiration from the ocean, understanding that the natural nutrients within the sea and sea water can be of real benefit to our skin. One of my fave products is the Reviving Marine Mist, which can be sprayed on the face or body prior to using moisturisers to maximise their effectiveness, or spritzed on to cool your face after a long summer day: “The sea water concentrate has been formulated to reinforce your skin care creams efficiency by stimulating the skin’s vital energy. It is enriched with a revitalizing ingredient that works naturally on the entire cell energy sequence.” There are some awesome sea salts, moisturisers, cleansers, plus even some pretty cool supplements of actual purified sea water which help to restore lost energy: “Thalgo L’Oceane Regenerating Cure, a 100% natural marine plasma, contains all the essential micro-nutrients necessary for the physiological elimination and regeneration activities of cells, contributing to a complete and lasting return to form.”

I’m really new to the brand so I’m going to be having a play and trying the products over the next few weeks – especially the sea water supplements (which literally taste like salty sea water) as I’m keen to see if you can actually get your mojo back by drinking strange tasting concoctions! At £22.50 for 20 daily vials it’s not any pricier than a shot of manky wheatgrass either. So far I’m loving the idea that we can use natural ingredients found in the ocean to make us look glowing and radiant, plus increase our alertness and overall health. I always knew I was a water baby.

Thalgo is available to buy online from Feel Unique and in selected department stores. 


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