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I’m never sure if there’s enough room on the market for yet another cosmetic brand, but they keep coming at me regardless. Surely there’s enough choice already, covering every need and possibility we could ever imagine? Well obviously not, as there’s another brand in town by the name of Mii. (No, it’s not related to Wii or those little Mii characters you create – this is all types of serious!) The brand has been developed as ‘a completely new kind of makeup’ – “One that combines the finest ingredients, effortless application and unrivalled expertise to bring out your natural beauty” That’s a steep claim to make, and not one I think they can justify, but the range is actually quite nice and adds another quality product range to add to your repertoire.

Mii is made with the best ingredients they could source (without breaking the bank) and a lot of the products are even 100% mineral based, identified by their black packaging (as opposed to the regular white packaging) to make shopping easy. The range is only available in salons and spas across the country, so it’s not easy to find but it will provide some entertaining moments having a rummage through and testing the products. At the moment they have about 60 stockists nationwide, which is growing daily with the eventual aim of having over 200. I always have issues with brands that launch in weird and wonderful places so you can’t actually get your hands on them, so at least this will be available at (nearly) every corner of the country soon enough!

I’ve been using the products for a few weeks and I do have my favourites. The mineral foundation is one to rival Bare Minerals, creating a soft and light finish in only a few sweeps of the cute kabuki brush. It stays all day and doesn’t hide your natural skin tone so you still appear radiant and awake. The brush is actually much better than Bare Escentuals too, particularly as it doesn’t end up mangled after a few times of buffing and it stays ‘clean’ and usable much longer. The eyeshadows are soft and creamy, the lipglosses and lipsticks moisturising and available in a range of wearable colours, and the bronzing gels light and blendable.

What I do really like about the range though is the quality of the packaging. Every detail is thought of, from the glossy black casings, to the little mirrors within the eyeshadows and the premium-brand-quality of the lipstick case. I adore the ‘scribbled’ effect on the outside too, with little messages about the product giving it a bit of a quirky edge. The brand is still very much in its infancy, so it’s one I’ll be keeping my eye on to see how well it does and what products it adds to its portfolio – already there’s practically everything you can think of (including foundation, powder, blush, bronzer, mascara, lipgloss, lipstick, eyeshadow…) so I’m intrigued to see where it goes. It’s not dirt cheap, with the foundation retailing at £21, lip products £14.95 and the eyeshadow £15.95, it is a cute range that I think will do quite well. Plus it’s called Mii – genius.

For stockists call 0845 217 1360 or see the website: http://www.miicosmetics.com/


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