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A brand that I seem to be falling more and more in love with as time goes on is Caudalie. From the French heritage which makes it seem sophisticated and mature, to the ingredients which make the products smell divine and work like a dream, everything seems to be thought of to create the perfect product. The company has used the heritage of the French vineyard to create three beautiful new fragrances that really capture the spirit of Caudalie: “How to express the colourful evening sky over the grapevines, the soothing sensation of a soft mist at dawn or the triumphal radiance of the noon sun? Every hour of the day… daylights and colours change, shadows stretch or dwindle, a subtle warmth rises or falls. Nature delicately perfumes the air.” How beautiful is that?

So using the idea that the vineyard changes and develops throughout the day, the founder of Caudalie created a collection of fragrances using three different master perfumers. The results are Fleur de Vigne (dawn), Zeste de Vigne (zenith) and The des Vignes (dusk). All three perfumes were created completely individually, but you can tell the brief was strong, as together as a collective they really tell the same story and complement each other perfectly.

Dawn represents the grape blossoming in the mornings and smells incredibly fresh and light. It contains white rose, hawthorn touch and pink pepper and really reminds me of green tea fragrances. Zenith is a more citrusy fragrance, representing the orangery where citrus trees are stored. The scent includes lemon, sweet orange, bitter orange, mandarin, java patchouli and moss and is possibly my favourite of the three – the zing is perfect for summer days. Dusk is a deeper fragrance that represents the grape skins melting into the honey leaking from the grape stem saps. It contains ginger liqueur, orange blossom and jasmine for a richer and sensual scent. All three of these are fresh, light and stunningly beautiful.

The bottles of the fragrance carry the theme of the vineyard through with grape patterns imprinted on the glass, plus the embossed boxes bring another dimension to the theme. I just adore how this isn’t just a couple of fragrances bunged into the range, but something that has been carefully developed over a number of years to create something truly worthy of its place on the shelf. This is the brand’s first touch in the fragrance pool and the three perfumes will only be available while stocks last over the summer, so you better grab them while you can. At £25.00 each you’re also getting a bargain here… a beautiful scent in a beautiful package that you can treasure, knowing that you’re wearing a scent that few others have too.


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