Palmer’s Cocoa Butter: NEW skincare

Palmer’s Cocoa butter has become renowned for its scent and buttery goodness. Not only just the rich moisturiser, the range has been expanding into lip care, body scrubs and now skincare. I popped down to check out the new products in the week, in particular to see if they still had the famous scent… FYI, they do! The new range consists of a face scrub, calming facial lotion, cleansing gel, eye cream and night repair cream, all keeping consistent with the simple and easily identifiable Palmer’s design. Although the iconic scent is still there, it’s much lighter than the body products. It would be a bit strange having a face full of cocoa, so I’m glad they’ve decided to tone it down and make it more of a hint than an overwhelming scent.

The ‘hero product’ facial lotion is light, absorbs quickly and contains MLE technology, which basically mimics the skin’s own structure to repair and moisturise. This MLE technology is pretty fantastic, (I had experience of developing a product with this in a few years ago so I know it works) as it not only helps to repair the skin, but prevents further drying or damage when used over time. The lotion also helps to reduce redness and irritation, as well as calming stressed skin thanks to its chamomile, aloe vera and milk proteins. All this in a product that costs £5.95 – amazing. I love it because it absorbs in seconds, leaving skin feeling smooth and silky with no residue. The eye cream is formulated with retinol and peptides to target fine lines and wrinkles, but seeing as I don’t have any of these yet I can’t tell you how effective it is! The formula is gentle and non-irritating though, absorbing really fast into the skin to cool and soothe. A perfect accompaniment to the facial lotion.

The daily cleansing gel is possibly my least favourite as it smells a bit chemical. You can tell they’ve tried to add in some of the cocoa scent, but with this kind of product it doesn’t really work. The formula itself is perfectly pleasant, foaming and cleaning as expected, but it just doesn’t ‘wow’ me like the other products. However, the facial scrub more than makes up for it – this is what Palmer’s is all about! Rich, luxurious and full of cocoa beans, it’s what I expected and more from a Palmer’s facial scrub. If you’ve used the body scrub then you’ll know exactly what to expect, as it’s basically just a lighter formula. I love how the beads are strong enough to really work around your face, giving you a good scrub workout. It contains all kinds of good things too, including aloe vera, milk proteins, evening primrose and vitamin E, to make sure you’re really treating your skin to a caring scrub session.

I haven’t tried the night cream as yet, so that will come in a separate review, but it contains retinol and shea butter too. It appears to be formulated with anti-ageing properties in mind, but with a night cream you can’t really go wrong if it’s going to impart intensive moisture into your skin. I think this new range of Palmer’s skincare is pretty ace to be honest – reasonably priced, great ingredients, subtle smell and absorbs quickly to leave soft, smooth skin. I was a bit dubious how they could transfer amazing body products into delicate facial care, but they’ve done it with ease. None of the products cost more than £7.00 either, meaning you won’t break the bank if you were to haul every single one in! I can’t wait to see what they’ve got coming up next… Maybe a Palmer’s chocolate bar? (I dream.)

Cleansing Gel RRP £3.95, Facial Lotion and Facial Scrub RRP £5.95, Night Renewal Cream and Eye Cream RRP £6.95. The range is exclusively available from Superdrug, with the night and eye cream being launched in the next few months.



  1. Kerrie
    June 25, 2011 / 11:44 am

    i'm intrigued, perhaps i'll try some of these, i love the body products so hopefully these are just as good!

  2. Lou Lou
    June 25, 2011 / 2:35 pm

    These products sound lovely. Will definitely have to try some of these.

  3. London Beauty Queen
    June 26, 2011 / 9:36 am

    Easily as good as the body product. Definitely try the face cream and the scrub – hero products for sure.

  4. Ohh! You Pretty Things
    June 28, 2011 / 6:15 pm

    Interesting! I love their body lotion, it's my favourite actually, good to know they have expanded their repertoire.

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