Starry Eyed Surprise

I’ve never been a huge fan of sparkly nail varnishes. They generally make me feel about ten and want to walk around with a Barbie that matches my outfit. There’s just something very ‘un-cool’ about decorating your talons as if they were a Christmas tree, so the sparkly nail varnishes I actually own only come out one day a year. When this polish from Leighton Denny popped through my letter box though I threw all caution to the wind and quickly stuck a coat on over my brightly painted orange nails. I was in love.

So, I’m fickle. I can be changed with one slick of glittery varnish. But that glittery varnish has to be special. This shade from nail genius Leighton is just that right level of sparkle that it won’t offend those of us that normally stay clear. The level of sparkle is quite subdued, meaning the sparkles don’t shimmer like fairy lights, but more like those lightbulbs in the street that are slowly on their way out. It looks ace over a bright colour (I’m wearing OPI in the new coral from the Autumn 2011 collection) and can easily be worn day or night.

The glitter applies really well, not getting stuck in one place like a lot of glitter polishes, giving you a really full and easy application. There aren’t flecks of glitter sticking out at angles and getting caught on things either – this stays flat and sticks around for a couple of days without any chipping. It does take a while to dry so be careful when you paint it on, as you may need to wave your hands around in the air for a good 30mins before it dries to the core. I can’t see me wearing glittery polish day in day out, but this has definitely made me think about wearing it on a Saturday night… even if it doesn’t match my shoes.

Shade worn is ‘Starkers’ – available individually or within the special edition ‘Brit Pack’ priced at £27 for three varnishes.


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