Pocket Gem

Space saving products are the top of everyone’s list come summer time. Who wants to carry around six different types of suntan lotion, when you could make room for a pair of sandals to go with that dress you probably won’t wear? Avon have just launched one of the cutest, coolest suncare products I’ve seen this year – plus it’s teeny enough to slip into your pocket. We always forget about our lips and eyes in the sun, so this double ended sunscreen will solve those burnt bit issues. One end is a sunscreen developed specifically for eyelids, the other being a lipgloss with added SPF. Both ends contain product with an SPF30 rating so you’ll feel safe from the sun, whether you’re on a beach, up a mountain or in a field camping. The formulas are thick enough to protect, whilst being light enough to wear comfortably. Definitely one for your ‘must have’ list this summer time.

Available online or through an Avon representative priced £13 (currently on offer for £11)


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