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So just to keep you ticking over while TOWIE is on its summer holidays and building up to more drama in the autumn, I’ve got a blinged up Essex review for you. This is no vajazzle, but Lauren’s own range of fake tan: ‘Lauren’s Way’. Crap name but stay with me. Lauren launched a lotion and a mousse version of the tan online exclusively through her facebook page to much nitter natter across the web. “Should a reality TV star really be launching their own beauty products when they’ve been known to us less than a year? What does a 20-something girl from Essex know about developing a fake tan?” Well, quite a lot actually. If there’s one person who knows their way around a fake tan factory it’s probably Lauren as she’s never seen without a covering of bronze.

I’ve tried the lotion version of the tan and it’s actually quite good. The pump bottle makes it easy to apply onto a mitt, although it takes a good twenty pumps to get the lotion out – maybe the slight work out is intentional. The product itself applies to the skin well, working around and smoothing out easily, although it does leave you slightly streaky to look at as it seems to dry at different times. The colour is quite dark when you first apply so I was hesitant to apply more than one coat. I wacked it on and went to bed, hoping to awake to a bronzed goddess looking back at me in the mirror.

What did appear was someone standing in PJs that looked like they’d been tan massacred. OMG, shut up and all that… look at the state of them! Now these are my ‘tanning PJs’ because they’re light, made of cotton and are perfect for sleeping in without affecting how the tan develops. They’re really old and probably get used every few weeks, having seen pretty much every tan on the market. Never in all their days have they been abused like the did with ‘Lauren’s Way’! But anyway, the tan. The result on the skin was actually quite nice – even, sunkissed, delicate and not too strong. There were no dodgy orange masks around feet, hands or knees like I always seem to get, and the skin looked enhanced but not overly tanned… So much so that a picture was pointless because you can’t really tell as I’m normally so pale anyway! The colour didn’t last that long – three days tops, but by that stage I normally want to scrub it off anyway so it didn’t bother me at all.

Considering this tan has probably been developed uber fast to capitalise on the hype of TOWIE, it’s actually quite good. I hate the packaging, the name, the logo, the branding – but that’s a personal choice. I think it looks a bit tacky and considering it is actually quite a nice tan should have more of a classy and professional exterior. It’s also a real shame you can only get this on Lauren’s facebook page/website which kind of de-values what she’s trying to do. Personally I would’ve waited until a retailer like Superdrug had a space on their shelf as inevitably the bottles would fly off like hotcakes. But who am I to give advice?! If you love TOWIE and want your own little souvenir then this is definitely worth a look. It’s not the best tan I’ve ever tried, but it is a bit of reality TV history so why the hell not try while you can.

Lauren’s Way (RRP £15.95 for the lotion) is available through her website and facebook page:


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