Proactiv Challenge

I set a friend of mine the challenge of using the full Proactiv range to see if it would help with her painfully spotty skin. She’d always suffered from acne and had tried everything under the sun without success. In January she started using the Proactiv cleanser, toner, moisturisers and mask on a daily basis and I’ve been tracking her progress as she slowly, but surely, seems to be seeing light at the end of her spotty tunnel. Read the very first post here to see her concerns and pictures, but see below for how she’s found the range after 12 weeks…

“After twelve weeks of using the Proactiv products I can say that they’re definitely working. The most impressive bit for me is that Proactiv held off the masses of spots I always get once a month. Usually my face explodes and they take so long to go away and clear up that it’s time for next months batch of spots – a never-ending, hideous, spotty circle. This just doesn’t happen anymore and my face is so much easier to deal with. The only time I had a bunch of spots break out was in mid-March, but they have gone now and are healing already. One break out in three months isn’t worth complaining about though!

I have run out of toner now and very short on the other products but I really want to keep it up. (It’s great that you get 12 weeks worth of product in the system so you can really test it out and see if it works for you.) It’s definitely made a HUGE improvement to my skin – nothing else has even come close to the results Proactiv has given me! It will have to be a long term solution I think, but I knew that was probably going to be the case before I started. I still have a few red lumps on my cheeks but they’re getting better and I’m just so pleased with how much skin looks now.

Looking back at the photos I took when I started the challenge, the difference is amazing! I have a new camera now so the difference would be even more obvious if I’d used the same one before, as it picks up every pore. Proactiv has made such a difference to my life – I’d definitely recommend it.”


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